Over the years I build myself a small homelab. As of today, it is consistued of two computers: one hosting everything, and one for storage and backups.



This server host this website, files, a few databases, and a number of virtual machines.

Among the virtual machines, the three most important are the one hosting websites (like this one), one serving as a router, and one acting as a NAS. The others are for personnal use.


This server only purpose is to store data. It doesn't run any virtual mahine.


Virtual machines, hosts, and random devices are divided into 6 networks:

As switches, I use two TP-Link TL-SG108E and a D-Link DGS-108. The Wi-Fi network is provided by an Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LITE access point, broadcasting both the lan and guest networks.

Backup plan

Data is categorized in three categories: Critical (~100GB), Important (~7TB), and Not-so-important (~10TB). All of that is saved on three to four differents computers accross two locations. There's also two more externals hard drives in rotation.